UK MEC membership

The MEC represents technology and project developers, consultants, test-centres and sites, academics, associations, manufacturers, and small and medium sized enterprises. We welcome all those that share our ambitions for the UK to be a world-leader in harnessing the power of its ocean’s tides and waves.

To organise a discussion please use the contact form below.

Benefits of membership

  • Policy engagement and representation of the sectors’ interests

  • Maintained dialogue with key industry stakeholders

  • Public affairs support

  • Updates around financial support for the industry

  • Access to analysis and informed briefs

  • Participation in the only UK industry group solely focussed on wave and tidal stream interests

Annual membership fees

Large (20+ employees) £2,000
Medium (6-20 employees) £1,000
Small (1-5 employees) £500
Observer (invitation only) Free